Case Study - Vodafone

Mobile Phone Xchange have worked with Vodafone for over nine years. Today we provide trade in solutions to over 450 retail outlets and in excess of 1000+ call centre agents. We are now fully integrated within Vodafone's EPOS systems providing cutting edge technology to provide staff the facility to buyback consumer's old mobile phones and use this money to enhance Vodafone's KPI's. The money paid to customers is given via a bill credit which has also been shown to increase ARPU in successive months as the trade in credit is spent.

Our Trade in schemes have proven to

  • Reduce Acquisition and Retention Costs
  • Decrease Churn
  • Reduce the net cost of hardware on upgrades

Mobile Phone Xchange provides the infrastructure to Vodafone stores for their Swap Shop scheme. Working closely with Vodafone head office we provide real time pricing for store staff who in turn can build in the phone value to the customer proposition. This is done with the implementation of our IMEI database which means that staff just need to enter the handsets IMEI to get a live price for the phone.

Call Centres

Mobile Phone Xchange provide Vodafone's call centre staff with immediate sight of a customers handset value, by utilising software that identifies the make and model of the phone calling. This solution allows the call centre staff to have all the information required at the beginning of the call which enables Vodafone to increase their customer retention and acquisition.

Both schemes have proved to be extremely successful with thousands of handsets being recycled each and every month and millions of pounds of benefit generated for Vodafone.

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